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Originally Posted by Dist View Post
^You have three characters, but none of them is Hunter ?

Gotta love the skill that bypasses shields when you shoot monsters with 100% probability when the skill is maxed. One shot from revolver to the guardians and they're dead . ( The normal ones.. Tougher ones take 3 shots or so )

And yea right.. So you're saying you completed the game twice with each characther in such a short time, making playthroughs total of 6 times ?
After the first second playthrough you'll notice how easy it really is to finish the story. You can pretty much skip most of the side quests and do all the main ones and still be around the correct level to do everything else. Given that you could have 1 or 2 more people in it for you. For my Roland I went to 2nd playthrough at like level 31 and in like 2 hours or so in 2nd playthrough . I was about level 42 by the time I left Fyrestone area. Its not as hard as you think once you get the hang of how 2nd playthrough is. All I really had to do was keep the Eridian Thunder Storm so everytime I died it would almost instantly give me my 2nd wind because firing it all at once owned anyone pretty much.
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