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Originally Posted by monster View Post
Well, given they're freely able to make coordinators (and some of the more wackier things in sidestory, like George Glenn's "mind"), I think cosmetic surgery should be pretty advanced assuming Mu was still alive in the first place.

The problem is that he's still alive in the first place, but whatever.
I wouldn't say being alive in general is as big a thing to me as the fact that he's alive but looking like absolutely nothing happened to him at all besides that 1 tiny little scar on the nose when you consider how mangled his body and organs should've been from being inside a MS explosion like that, similar to Heero, even with a pilot suit.

I mean, Andrew Waltfeld, despite being alive, at the very least, had lost an eye and an arm after being in the LaGOWE's explosion (having a prosthetic arm in his reappearance).
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