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Originally Posted by monster View Post
most enjoyable-least enjoyable:
turn a

haven't seen:
msg, z, g

a quarter of the way through:
Originally Posted by monster View Post
01. SEED
02. 0080: War in the Pocket
03. MS IGLOO: The Hidden One Year War
04. G
05. SEED Destiny
06. Wing: Endless Waltz
07. Wing
08. Gundam
09. Zeta
10. X
11. ZZ
12. Turn A
13. Victory
14. Char's Counterattack
15. All the SD series, SEED Astray promos, and Evolve
16. The 08th MS Team
17. 0083: Stardust Memory
18. F91
Looking at 2 previous rankings I made, it's obvious that a rewatch or two had change some of my opinions.

So, having not watched any of these shows in a long time (other than SEED due to the Remaster), this is the only ranking I can give currently after having just watched the final episode of AGE:

From most enjoyable to least:

SEED (Original, After Phase, SE, Remaster)
Stargazer/MS IGLOO (All three IGLOO OVAs)
G/Destiny (Original, Final Plus, SE)

AGE/00 (among other unlisted Gundam shows)

Gunpla Builders/Evolve/SD (Various SD shows)
F91/0083/08th MS Team

Someday, I'll have to rewatch these shows again (except probably the bottom 3).
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