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Nothing new in terms of nukes. Nukes were used by both the Federation AND Zeon during the One Week War in the early stages of the One Year War which is what lead to the creation of the Antarctic Treaty which banned the use of nukes, gassing/dropping colonies, and other such forms of mass destruction/genocide for the rest of the war (and is still used as an attempted shield after at times).

Of course, we also had the GP02A's atomic bazooka used on the Naval Review, we had nukes used again by the Federation (though a limited supply of "antiques" that were obtained by Mirai's former fiance) to try to destroy Axis, and also used by the second Neo Zeon (stolen from Luna II) in an attempt to create global radioactive contamination along with Axis' impact.

We're not saying that the Jupiter/Zanscare Empire's attempts are SO much "weaker" than Zeon, but that if you compare them in scale to the Principality of Zeon as a whole (including remnants after the One Year War), both of them, even together, are small, isolated conflicts that were still effectively halted by merely a small portion of the Earth Federation (the forces we see in Crossbone Gundam and Victory Gundam are hardly the entire EFSF while Zeon had the attention of ALL of the Federation on all of Earth AND in space) and an independent group trying to do what the Federation initially failed to do in trying to stop the opposing force (the new Crossbone Vanguard for Jupiter and the League Militaire for Zanscare).

Both of such forces of the independent groups also being, compared to the opposing force, much smaller in pretty much every way, which is what leads to the "quality over quantity" thinking that smaller groups tend to have compared to the larger and usually only having the backing of said small portion of the Earth Federation while the majority either wants to stay out of the conflict or simply lack the capability to do anything in the first place and give up too easily.
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