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1.) Zeon and its remnants (attempted to) committed many heinous acts during their period. As mentioned, most of the Jupiter/Zanscare Empire's attempts were thwarted. All that's left is what they did within their own boundaries like the Middle Age-style beheadings for intimidation.

Others were simply psycho like Katejina, lol.

2.) The original Republic of Zeon headed by Zeon Zum Deikum wasn't evil for sure and a lot of the soldiers, of course, but the Principality of Zeon and those more fanatical followers couldn't care less about "independence" from the Federation in any noble sense. All they cared about was killing them off because they're their obstacle in establishing themselves as the new ruling class and all they want is a total dictatorship over everything. The Principality only used "independence" and whatnot as propaganda to gain support for their cause.
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