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I did, and it was a thrill to have the dragon do at your bidding, belching ice or fire on enemies. However, because you're exposed, it's necessary to wear combat armor, and you're limited to magical spells or staffs for added firepower.

Also, unless protected properly, never try to engage a dragon against another.

Okay, so I came back from playing with 1.9 enabled. Figuring that I could lose more if I did, I decided not to clean the .ESM files.

However, I don't know what, but Skyrim tends to hang up whenever I enter the door from the Thieves' Guild HQ to the Ragged Flagon. Or that I hang up in mid-load while going through the door. Must be that I'm maxing out the game with 156 mods enabled, but they're mostly non-cosmetic; maybe it could be Papyrus acting up because of a broken function.

There's some good news, though, as I came across this Japanese Skyrim blog, with my mod featured in their everyday feed:
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