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Originally Posted by cronnoponno View Post
Dang, I'm both happy and sad.

No more DLC for Skyrim is a huge bummer, I really had fun with Dragonborn....however I don't have to FREAKING UPDATE MY MODS AND WAIT A YEAR FOR THE GOOD ONES TO UPDATE TO PLAY THE DAMN GAME-throws computer out of the window-.

What happened to that Redguard stuff?
QFT. The other series were the same (though, not as buggy of couse) where the game was left to the modders. I think it's a smart choice. If they kept on adding P2P DLC, people would keep complaining about how it wasn't worth the $ to buy the DLC. There would be continuous high expectations of DLCs where no one would really be satisfied and if they want to keep their consumer base for future series (if there are any), then the stoppage of DLCs is probably the beginning. Modding is quite extensive already and will make the game live long especially by those that are really good at it.
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