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Originally Posted by Justice Knight View Post
I have watched all the ep and

doesnt this anime similar to suzumiya haruhi?
whats the story actually about?
why do they hate the Tenshi??
Angel Beast has nothing to do with Haruhi Suzumiya. Diff writer, diff companies, diff themes, diff everything. I'm surprised people are still on the "Yuri is a ripoff of Haruhi! What happened to originality, Maeda?" boat.

This isn't a straightforward series. No one knows exactly what the story's about because we're getting it in bits and pieces. The only ones who might know are those who've read the accompanying Angel Beats light novel series.

The SSS members themselves don't dislike Angel themselves, they just do because Yuri doesn't like her. Yuri dislikes Angel because she thinks that Angel is in cahoots with God, whom she vowed to rebel against because of her flashback in episode 2.
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