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A few chapters back revealed that there is some internal conflict within FUG as to how to deal with Ba'am and control him. For instance, there are some disagreements and disapproval for Ba'am current team. I mean, even you would have to admit that the team is pretty shoddy for a FUG slayer.
Even that is stupid though, like I said they already had Baam totally under control and he was progressing just fine with his team even if they weren't that great, I mean despite being years behind they still caught up with Koon and all the other season 1 characters(Yes I know having Baam around helped a lot).

I just think being assholes to the guy that you already have under control and that you are completely dependent on is a terrible idea.

I mean unless they're ok with killing Baam and waiting another couple centuries hoping for another irregular they can get control of.

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