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I hope Rak joined team Koon. They are lacking in fire power.

The pocket that Baam left behind can't be used by other people.

Light house can be used as communication too but mostly its pocket. Lessoo and Koon indeed talk in pocket. I also didn't see it gets destroyed. Also I notice that in the pocket that Koon was looking at. There was an A? though I don't know who send that message but it alerted Koon to look at his teammates who are decimated by Rachelbitch.

Koon might be playing lay low just to see how others will work out? if other people thinks his dead then he can move easily but then again if he joins a team then his name is registered on it.

I really can't think much of a reason for koon not to contact them unless he is planning something behind their backs which usually happen in their past test.
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