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Thirua Panic


By chance while browsing through Getchu I happened to come upon this game that's slated for November 22nd. It's now one of my most-anticipated. Here's why.

Otoboku and Koitate, two other ero-games, delve into a common theme, that of the male lead disguising as a girl, through clever and often over-the-top disguises, resulting in all the usual hijinks. While these situations are quite funny, I've always felt a little let down that they've never taken the male->female idea further.

Well I despair no more! Thirua Panic apparently takes that idea the entire way through. The male lead undergoes a full-body transformation and over the course of the game must find some way to change back. Apparently most or all of the cast know or find out about it, and some of the apparent reactions are hilarious---especially those of the lead's guy friends . The lead's even voiced, although after listening to samples I've come to the assessment that this game's lead is even more effeminate by default than Otoboku's Mizuho, if such a thing is even possible. The art looks like it's done by the same person who did the art for the Tenkuu no Symphonia games.

Glances through the official website's CG gallery reveal that there may be possibilities for yuri scenes. (One CG looks as if the lead and one of the girls are trying to figure out how to get it to work, so to speak )

Most importantly for me, this presents a somewhat female perspective of a typical h-game scenario, which is definetly missing in the market as a whole, even if this game's take isn't completely from a girl's point of view.

In any case, come on November 22nd!!!

(EDIT: The OP, if that's the final version of it, is......... well......... hmmm......)
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