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Originally Posted by Garet Jax View Post
Does anyone know Princess Waltz? The product blurb says "A game often compared to Type-Moon's Fate / stay night, and one of Japan's most popular titles of 2006." Is that true? Seems like a good choice, if so. I certainly liked F/S's anime adaptation.
That game won't be out this year as P-A is saying, and it's actually cross between card game and VN. Also definately not one of the most popular ero-games of last year...of the best ones. Your better option is Ever17, or Yume Miru Kusuri if you don't mind ero. Or if you liked F/SN that much, start with Tsukihime then, english patch is available.

Back to topic, played demo of Garden recently, and as feared there are no voices in the game and there's again oldstyle text over picture interface, bleh. Wish Cuffs could move on with the times...piano music is good though, and girls are cute, but I'm not sure if I'll be in the mood for the actual game when it arrives in 2 weeks.
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