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Originally Posted by Shinova View Post
In any case, come on November 22nd!!!
I've lost all faith in F&C after playing Hoshiful (#^ω^) ピキピキ... 
I have yet to play a good FC game in the last two years.

Originally Posted by shadowplay View Post
That game won't be out this year as P-A is saying, and it's actually cross between card game and VN. Also definately not one of the most popular ero-games of last year...of the best ones. Your better option is Ever17, or Yume Miru Kusuri if you don't mind ero. Or if you liked F/SN that much, start with Tsukihime then, english patch is available.
Princess Waltz has been out since last year (forgot when exactly I completed it...) The card battle system is shallow, but decent enough for a bit of tactics. Scenario is linear with only one main route, but it is very good from beginning to end. The best part of this game is the intense combat scenes and stylized CGs, it's some of the best in the industry.

If you like action oriented games, this one is on the top of the list along with Ayakashi, Bullet Butlers, and Gekkou no Carnavale.

Unless you happen to like playing a half-assed Initial D parody with no real storyline (or I probably missed it laughing at all the wrong things in this game), no real cars (licensing = $$$), and horribly synthesized techno music, I would recommend staying far away from this game.

lol, I forgot what I was originally planning to post...

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