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I vote for chronological too.

I understand the gimmick of watching it in broadcast order, but that's because they assume you will buy the DVDs and watch them again in chronological order.

How do you tell someone who does not know at all what to expect, what episode order to show it in? Take the baseball episode for example: in the broadcast episode, Koizumi is suddenly introduced without any background what-so-ever, you do not know what Nagato's abilities are and you are clueless as to why all the strange phenomenon is happening. And you do not know why the characters are so eager to please Haruhi (because they don't know about the sealed space business)

Level of appreciation -100.

Broadcast order works only because you then will go back and watch them in chronological order and will find out small things that make you laugh.

But if I were to find a friend who I assume have not heard of Haruhi ever (they exist - in my Anime club), and I was to show them Haruhi, for their sake, I would show it in a modified broadcast order - only because Someday In the Rain is quite an anti-climatic episode and it is of my faith that series should end with a big climax.

I might show everything in Chronological order, except I'd put Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi VI until last, or Live Alive until last.
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