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I'll take what I got on the DVDs. The first time through, it really didn't stand out. I couldn't understand too well, and I swear I did get lost one time. It actually made me go, "It was awesome, but meh," and moved on, thinking it was just some popular production.

When I decided to get the DVDs, THAT was when I became a fan. Watching it on the DVDs, I understood it so much better. Despite the "anti-climatic" nature of Someday in the Rain, I think it did something different too: It ended the series in a calm manner, rather than the traditional "OH WOW BIG FINISH YAY!" Both me and my sister loved it, and she didn't even see the original order. I actually would just recommend that way.

Have to agree on the General. Broadcast order does just feel like a gimmick. I can see why it was done. The last of the "Melancholy" episodes was that traditional, giant climatic moment. So I'll also agree on the idea of watching it chronologically, but saving that one for last.
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