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I also thought that the old guy in black was a Church offical, hell even an inquisitor or something. Maybe he picked/arrested Chloe (as shown in the OP) because she was the star of the pagan festival and the Church probably dislikes pagan-stuff. Me thinks that somewhere in the future we'd see some burn-in-stake stuff, or maybe since the setting is around the Rennaissance then the inquisition probably had already cool off. Since the Church guard said that they were not as brute/disciplined as they used to be, hence more lenient...
Well, money and education was being pumped into that town by the count so it may all be connected with the Church trying to stop the pagan ritual.

Then again a good old fashion arrest, torture and stake burning also can be an effective conversion method.

Maybe she's going to be exorcized because in theory she's possessed by Horo.
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