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Originally Posted by zgmf-x19a View Post
His troops aren't turning a blind eye some are having serious doubts and I think they are going to tell the other members which is going to cause a stir I wonder if the 1st resolution of the Union of Nations is to declare Zero persona non grata but I highly doubt it.
I believe he's talking about us, the viewers (or more specifically Lelouch's fans), turning a blind eye to the massacre, and justifying Lelouch's actions.

Me, I find both sides wrong. Give me a good reason why Lelouch is justified in massacreing all of them, and give me a good reason why Suzaku is justified in lying to Kallen about Shirley's death and using drugs on her. Having just lost Shirely is no excuse for a massacre, and having lost Euphemia is no excuse for lying to and drugging your friends. They're both in the wrong here.

It's wrong enough to do an "Eye for an Eye" killing in our law system; murdering almost completely unrelated people because you're mad the fake little brother you invited in to your house so you could use him killed your girlfriend is no excuse for killing unrelated people. Having your girlfriend "mind-warped" and killed by your friend is no excuse for turning on your other friends. Period. They're both in the wrong.
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