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Originally Posted by NacchiChanDesu
Why would anyone want to steal the Byakugan thingie anyways (except to see thru people clothes or something ), the sharingan so pwnz0rz the byakugan. Besides Kabuto isn't there to steal hyuga clan secrets anyway...

When I read this part in the manga I too pictured the heavenly spin looking so much better... seems like they ran out of money for this ep and couldn't animate it as good as they should've. Hopefully they saved the money so they could animate the next couple of eps tite. But yeah, i always wondered why Naruto didn't summon gamabunta on neji's butt. THat would kick ass.

I wonder why they changed the seal on neji's forehead *cough*swastika*cough*.
they changed the seal cause some stupid people might mistaken it for the nazi swastika...
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