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^ But DEEN are good now! DEEN > GAINAX. And if XEBEC was doing this I'm sure Production I.G would be doing it with them.. since they own them after all and tend to work together on some productions... like the Break Blade movies.

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This is the most entertaining thread in a while.

I'm thinking when he says "long anime" he probably means there will be multiple 2-cour seasons, or at least two, which would explain the choice of J.C.STAFF as the animation studio as they have plenty of experience animating multiple cours of series (Index, Shana, ZnT, etc). We'll probably get something like Clannad.

My main worry isn't so much the length or the story, I'm confident they know what they're doing in those regards as this has been years in the making. No, my main concern is the quality of animation, that's what everyone should be worried about when they hear J.C. Honestly, the only shows I've seen them produce with stunning visuals were Index (season 1 and a couple eps of II), Railgun, Toradora sort of, and Yumekui Merry. A lot of their other shows are plagued with studio factory-level animation. I just simply can't see them living up to KyoAni's standards of animation and those tweets don't do anything to rest me at ease in that regard. It's almost like they're trading off quality for J.C.'s ability to pop out multiple cour shows without getting bogged down by one project (which is why no other studio could handle this, I bet).
Yeah J.C Staff are one of the most sequel friendly studios around.. so that does bode well for multiple seasons of Little Busters. And yeah the amount of shows with top notch visuals are low.... I still think Index 2 received less budget because it sold far less than Railgun.. yet the sales increased over S1 anyway.. so s3 + Movie should look good. But a lot of shows they put out are stuff that honestly doesn't deserve top notch budgets... and heck even gorgeous animation wouldn't have made them hits.. look @ Nichijou by Kyoto Animation as a prime example, argubly their best animated work and yet one of the worst selling titles they have produced... J.C Staffs main problem has always been the amount of work they undertake at once... look @ last Winter season...

Shana 3 (Continued from Fall 2011)
Bakuman 2 (Continued from Fall 2011)
Milky Holmes 2
Ano Natsu de Matteru (didn't this look rather good too? I haven't watched it so I can't say)
Kill Me Baby
Zero no Tsukaima F

This Spring...

Kimi to Boku 2

This Summer

Arcana Famiglia (J.C Staffs attempt to get that otome game money that DEEN and A-1 have been getting)

This Fall

Bakuman 3

That's a massive shift in the amount of shows they've been doing, obviously Fall will get more shows with Little Busters more than likely being 1 of them... and who knows when Joshiraku will air and you have the Index Movie... but only 1 show airing during Spring, a major season? And only 1 confirmed for Summer.. when most shows are already announced? Quite a change from the usual J.C Staff, so while it won't obviously look as good as Kyoto Animations works.. I still expect it to look good which is all that matters.
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