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are you serious?

I don't know why SOME people on this thread are bent on proving that sakixshun pair didn't love each other and shun had no 'special' feelings for saki that she just 'happened' to be there and she just happened to risk her life and was going crazy yelling SHUN SHUN SHUN.

What the heck?? she loved him and HE LOVED HER BACK. He was just pretending with satoru cause he knew they were being targeted and he didn't want to harm saki by himself or through the ethics committee.

You just want to fulfill your yaoi fantasy thats why you keep pressing the satoru issue.

What im angry about is shunxsaki didn't get some sweet alone time. Even if i look back to see IF they shared any happy sweet memories i have NOTHING(except the boat scene). I guess the animators didn't want to dwell on sakixshun relationship seeing how it was going to do down, didn't want to disappoint TOO much but eh really? im still THOROUGHLY sad/disappointed.

What if Shun didn't die?? and saki is all like "nooo i want to die with youuu" and hes like "nooo i cant harm youuuu" and cause of his strong feelings for her he actually finds a way to control his condition?? loll

Now the new guy saki gets paired up(if she does) the romance HAS TO SERIOUSLY BLOW ME AWAY to top this!! it has to be REALLY CONVINCING!! IF it can!

I need to see saki being cared for by some other guy ASAP

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