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On the Saki x Shun issue I'll say that I agree that Shun seemed way too careful/controlled or introverted for Saki to have known any real part of him.
I have to disagree on this. Saki knew the real Shun, or at least a part of him. She knew he was a really kindhearted guy and he cared a lot about his friends and was always looking out for them. Even breaking up with Satoru the way he did was in part to protect him, for instance. What he kept to himself was his dissatisfaction with their society, and he had no choice in that respect: he was too smart not to realize the world around him was shit but he had to keep those thoughts under wraps not only to fit in, but also to protect his friends. Still, for all his secrets, he was never truly untrustworthy, and his kindness and concern for his loved ones weren't a lie. And that's why Saki felt in love with him in the first place!

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his true (subconscious) feelings.
The unconscious mind isn't your true self. The mind is more complex than that.

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