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Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
On another note, is it me, or are they hinting that Scheherezade isn't an magi? I mean, she calls Aladdin a real magi. Why would she call him that way if she's a magi too? Unless she isn't a real magi, but a fake one.

Mu also was pretty cryptic when he said that someone showed him the power of a magi before. If it was Scheherezade he would have said so.
Well so far every one seems to think that Scheherezade is a Magi. As I'm pretty sure that is not her real form but in fact would be around the same height as Yunan. Given the picture shadow we saw when Sinbad was talking about it. I also found that weird that Yunan showed him the magi power but not Scheherezade so I would guess Yunan could have something to do with it when he went to Laem and probably made her temporary magi untill Aladdin was readdy to go outside. Plus Mu didn't say anything to Rohouh when he mentioned her name.

Originally Posted by Awrya View Post
So Mu knows that 3 magis exist, but doesn't know the name of the Kou magi? As the commander of an army he really should at least know the names of priority targets.
Surely Scheherezade would have told him about the other magi's names or at least Yunan could of.
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