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I'm sorry, but it's a little ridiculous to assume that Aladdin can't have any interests of his own because he's a Magi. Sher is leading an Empire on an invasion, Judal is an Ax-crazy murderer who loves war, and the other one just randomly opens dungeons where-ever he wants. I think Aladdin is pretty damn justified in what he's doing right now.
Judal is obviously betraying his call as a magi, and Scheherezade might not even be a magi for all we know. Aladdin is directly intervening with human affairs, and Mu, Scheherezade and even Mogamette himself knew it was improper of him as a magi.

The only other genuine magi we know about is Yunan, and we know he's not involving himself with humans aside for making dungeons appear from time to time, which is part of their role as magi.

Magi are supposed to guide the humans, choose kings etc. They aren't meant to go forcing the world to their liking.
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