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Originally Posted by kenjiharima View Post

Now Iam not sure if I should get the MGS Legacy Collection.

-It's MGS1 for the PSone
-MGS3 Snake Eater not Subsistence the one with the extra weapons and funny endings
-Nearly I own all these games along with the digital download of MGS1.

So for new comers and collectors it's a buy, for me it's either a no sale or I'll wait for a price off.
While I mostly agree with you I believe that the "snake eater" version of MGS3 is probably the same as the one on the previous HD Collection and that one had most of the extras aside from the ones that depended on the now disabled online features.

There was also talk of the collection containing two graphic novels. I personally own the first Digital Graphic Novel for the PSP but I thought that the second one had been cancelled.

It's still a bad deal anyway. I would only consider it if they managed to throw in the Twim Snakes remake for the gamecube.
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