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Didn't know the proper thread to post between this thread or the exclusive BD/DVD ones. But anyway since lot of shows I watched (several animes, US tv series, KR Gaim) are on holiday break, I watched the Extras of vol 2 and 3 BD.

I remember back then it was said that several side-stories (or main ones but weren't important enough) would be adapted into drama CD form, but from the dialogues between Kanata and Kanako on the extra of vol 2, it seems like the drama CD is an all-new original story?

Spoiler for The Drama CD from DVD/BD vol 2:

The drama CD they said came from vol 3 looks like another original story too, the title is "My Ayase Can't Be Coming and Having Sleep Over In My House"

Spoiler for The Drama CD from DVD/BD vol 3:

I don't know if these are true though, since these are just Extra and sometimes they just saying random stuffs here Can anyone who bought the actual DVD/BD confirm it? If it actually true, I'd really like to hear both stories, since after playing Tsudzuku I was hoping for Kanata route, and of course because I'm Ayase fan
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