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I don't think Rena was carrying a cleaver in that scene, K1 was just seeing things. I think that since Rena had already scarred him before with the cleaver that his paranoid dilusional mind put it there (maybe its really just a school bag or something).

In that scene Rena was trying her hardest to help K1. If you take away all the weird and distorted camera shots and the creepy voice and just pay attention to the dialogue, it seems really normal.

Also, the needle scene was a symptom of K1's insanity, not a cause. There was no needle. With the (also distorted) dialogue he just had with the girls before, he was expecting something like that

1) He manages to find the needle in one small bite.
2) There's no blood.
3) It is gone when Ooshi asks for it as evidence.

Though, it is true it is the first scene that he is completely bonkers.
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