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The Sten was used by every resistance force, even Tito's partisans in Yugoslavia. When I think of Western resistance, I think of the Sten

The reason the PPSH was use by was the Germans was the Mp40/41 jammed quite a bit and of course had the 32 round magazine instead of the 70 round drum the PPSH had.

I will say of the WWII era weapons, the PPSH lasted the longest. Hell, Coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan still run into them as well as Russian troops finding Chechnyans with them.

Also, August Storm is something the Japanese would like to forget. The Kwantung Army, which was supposed to be one of Japan's best, was utterly decimated. Granted many men were pulled from the army to fight the Americans in the Pacific and the British/Indians in Burma/India. I have only ever found one game that involves AS and that is Il-2 Sturmovik 1946.

While the few anime that are about WWII are as you said, actual Japanese persons I have run into either don't know what happened or deny it. There was one girl at my school who said Nanking was a lie by the Western powers. That dumbfounded me.
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