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You'd be surprised. This anime involves 2 of the 3 more important signature moments of Russian history: Prince Alexander Nevsky's wars against the Germans and the Swedes and World War II (the third is French invasion of 1812, by the way). This angle will play big in Russia, believe me. And seeing as how anime is getting some very nice exposure vis-a-vis the local entertainment industry, this film will not go overlooked.
Oh i am not arguing it plays on some notable moments in Russian history, but he was asking whether Estonians specifically would care to see Crusaders being smacked around ... to which the answer is a clear cut "no". Even if we ere to expand that to "Germans" (Nazi), it would still be an echo of a far cry from the amount of people who hold some form of animosity (please don't blow this comment out of proportion though ... this is why i said i don't really want to touch the topic here) for the aforementioned eastern neighbor. That said, i really doubt whether Estonians will be specifically motivated or "cheering" for one of the sides and will simply enjoy the movie for what it is
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