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Originally Posted by MrProphet View Post
What I've been told about the plot goes like this: Ahnenerbe uses some kind of occult experiment to resurrect the German knights who sank under the ice during the battle with Alexander Nevsky to use them in the fight against USSR. Our glorious First Squad then fights them aided by some ancient kung-fu-toting Slavic magus.
Hmm... They should have been fighting them off with some 76.2mm surprise . Actually, that sounds very cool. I'm looking forward to this film more than any other anime film in ages. ( Although I should have probably looked at their website first )

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
I see quite some mentions regarding the location this should place ... well, in all honesty i wouldn't expect all that much historical accuracy (nor focus) on that front, given that it is likely going to devote much of it's focus to the supernatural element, and the scope is also likely to be local enough to render whatever location it might be set in as not much above a simple name for reference's sake. I would like to see an anime featuring one of the fiercer battles on eastern front, but this is unlikely going to be it. Never the less, i am quite looking towards it.
You may be a bit surprised about the amount of care and detail paid to the setting. Looking over the First Squad website, it looks like it's set during the early months of 1942. This is an extremely obscure time period of the war since it sat right between the end of one major offensive and the beginning of the next. I would doubt that too many people (speaking of non-grognards) outside of Russians and other ex-Soviet citizens would be even aware of the details of this period. The details of the website indicate that Molot has certainly done their research here.

Of course it's just as likely that they picked this timeframe because it's the 700th anniversary of the Battle of the Ice, but the amount of effort they put into it is still commendable.

Originally Posted by Simon View Post
Yep, it's a co-production between Studio 4C and Molot Entertainment who're Russian-Canadian (mostly Russian, according to an earlier post in this thread). More at ANN.
It looks like the creative control of this film is squarely in the hands of Molot Entertainment. For me, that's a very encouraging sign.

Originally Posted by Simon View Post
With Studio 4C's name on the bill I doubt they'll have problems finding international distributors, but I wonder if resonance between the historical references and current events will also help sell the film outside Russia...
It probably won't make too much difference since most viewers don't give a damn about history. Rorouni Kenshin was a very popular anime, but I don't too many fans knew all that much the Meiji Restoration. In any case, if the setting were to draw any interest it'd be from the combination of the following phrases: "World War II", "Nazis" and "magic" .
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