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For me, I believe that many viewers want to have their own favorite girls ended up with the protagonist, and that's why I think Little Busters! is possible to do if they can carefully manipulate loop and reset. Further, if the anime really stick with the romantic point from the game, the good thing is they didn't have to adjust the route much and I believe it will really please the fan.

Since it is still only just 4 eps, I would not like to predict whether there is going to be loop and reset or not. But for me, the loop is the tool to show how Riki and Rin is getting stronger and stronger. And for me, I expect the anime to have many loops to express the meaning of the world's secret.

BTW, the question after I watched episode 4 is still why anime needs to put Komari's route really early? If the anime really want to have the gang going with Komari, I think it is better to have Riki recruited all girls and then go together.

P.S. I hope I can still see the final scene of Komari's route that only Riki and Komari walks together, not a bunch of silly group also stick with them like latest episode.
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