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Just wanna point out that, at least for me, the fact that I want romance between Riki and the girls has nothing to do with liking certain pairings...or else I'd only want romance between Riki and Anego >_>

It's just that a strong relationship between Riki and some of the girls is incredibly important to the route itself and taking that element out could seriously damage the plot.
LB (and some other KEY works) is not one of those VNs where they just throw in romance between the protagonist and the main heroines to appease the player behind the MC, the romances ARE an important element of the plot, along with the loops.
The loops are incredibly important, VN players will remember that feeling you get when you play the common route and Riki and Rin behave progressively different with each playthrough.

I love watching Anime based of Manga and VN I'm read/played, but I always rather they stay faithful to the original work than add or change important plot elements. I love the anime versions because I can see the series I love in an animated form...if they change or eliminate major points of the plot I usually can't keep watching it.

That said, I do like the fact that they are involving Rin a bit more with was always a major gripe I've had with the VN when in Refrain you see this strong bond between Rin and Komari yet in the whole VN we did not see anything that warranted that level of relationship.
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