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Originally Posted by Snuffle View Post
Which brings me to my concerns and questions. Are they ignoring Riki's and Rin's character development? Especially Rin... Isn't she most cautious of Haruka out of all the girls? But instead of seeing Rin keeping her distance, we see her standing RIGHT NEXT to Haruka, even sort of talking to her.

I could not help to find that really odd for her to be standing there instead of next to Riki and saying something like "Riki look, that bandage" then eventually Haruka going "Komari gave it to me!" or whatever she said.
I've said it before in Episode 2, within the span of a single episode Rin seemed to go from first loop to third loop in term of confidence and communication with others. At first it was done right with her keeping her distance with Komari and not even saying a word, but after Komari fell it was like Rin suddenly leveled interaction wise. It was really odd to me and again it served to tell me that they probably won't be using loops at all and have Riki and Rin evolve with this fusion of common route with girl routes.
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