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Thinking about if they would go no loop, makes me fear for Mio, as well as "her" (Is it alright to throw her name out?)
It causes a paradox you won't be able to fix like, only Rin and Riki can know because basically only Riki would be that close, and yet it would be a romantic implication....
But then Rin wouldn't be canon romantic interest....
Also the paradox about basically everyone not realizing something is wrong and stuff.
Mio route has like the most magic hijinks that would make you realize something is up....
And besides, I personally think it would be the last route to be entered, as it connects a whole bunch with the "secret of the world "(same with Yuiko route, both are roughly the same but the other is more obvious from start).
I really hope they go with the loops. to be more true to the original source
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