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Wasn't that Flay? This sounds like one of the funniest fanfictions ever especially considering how the two had previously retired.

About that scene of Impulse piercing Freedom, everybody points out that Shinn didn't even reach the cockpít as both Freedom and Justice's cockpits are located above regular mobile suits. Hell, if Freedom had nuked half of the show's cast would have died. The case that actually confused me was Athrun and Meyrin being directly attacked by the Destiny suit.

Weird thing is that Destiny was a big hit in Japan surpassing the SEED's DVD sales but having a lower rating. 00 did a bit lower than Destiny while Age... everybody knows.
People like the prequel so people by the sequel. After watching the sequel and after some time was gone by and the hype has ended, people realize how bad the show really was, so low ratings.
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