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Originally Posted by Kudryavka View Post
I know! Every single "proof" comparison ive seen that "proves" why asians are the superior race and the only ones who can ever cosplay good have been biased as fuck. They show profesional photoshoot pictures of professional models of pictures taken by pro photographers in pro lighting and that have been photoshopped out the ass for the Asian side, then turn around and show bad auto flash pictures of bad cosplays from conventions for the non-Asian side. And they dont understand how fucking biased they are being. Idiots!!

If they went to the Comic Market in Japan and looked at all those cosplays, they'd realize that Sturgeon's Law applies EVERYWHERE! There are plenty of crappy cosplays done by Japanese, probably more than American because japanese cosplay anime more since theyve been doing it for longer! And there are plenty of non-Asians who do profesional shoots too and they loook amazing! Weeaboos! Fuck!
Funny how 99% of the stuff other than cosplay that I see on Sankaku paint Japan and Asia in general in a degrading light...

But, the reaction overall was just appalling to me, talking about hating an entire country or talking about bombing it because someone spoke bad about their anime
Just like people who call for the nuking of some shrine and the city it's in or who hold church masses calling for the sinking of the Japan Home Islands in support of their Mainland brothers. No side is clean in this

People who call for war and the destruction of another nation despite never having been in the military, let alone the fucking frontlines or experienced a firebombing up close should be autoclaved alive like the pathogens they are
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