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Originally Posted by Lord of Fire View Post
Did she, though, when all the other competitors aren't backing down one inch and have pretty much raised the stakes?
The problem in these situations is not whether the girls are still interested in the guy, but which girl the guy is interested in.

And in this regard, Eita not only did a love confession to Masuzu, publicly declared that she was his girlfriend, but he also kissed Masuzu on his own accord.

Oh yeah, in terms of light novels, the title pretty much tells you who's gonna 'win' with near perfect accuracy.

Of course, there's counter-arguements for these. For one, the title does not specifically name the characters, whereas the 'near perfect' accuracies of titles are titles where the character is named in it. Also, the title says "My Girlfriend and my Childhood Friend", so one can say the other two girls are still in the running because one of them is the other half of the titular characters.

Another arguement is that all what Eita did towards Masuzu in the final episode is merely just him acting all over again. That his blushed face towards Chiwa is something unique in comparison to the other girls, and that maybe Eita would've done something more with him starting to grip Chiwa's waist, if Masuzu didn't interrupt.

But to be honest? Even as THE osananajimi shipper, these counter arguments needs you to take an extra assumption. That the title must have the character's actual name in it; that you assume where they say 'girlfriend' in the title they mean 'fake' as well; and most importantly, that you assume that Eita was merely just faking everything with Masuzu. And with the razor existing, it just doesn't hold up with Masuzu's side of the debate.

But of course, there's always fan shipping. Ai > all.

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