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Originally Posted by Chelydra View Post
You mean this hottie for the slime girl?


As for the rest I value loyalty so if someone is willing to be devoted to me I shall return the favor so to speak.
yup! as 'Wet Woman' she's quite devoted, and as slime girl all she need is your love milk dunno about jealousy, but you need two wife if she come to your possession, one for sex, one for offspring

Originally Posted by Xaturas View Post
I can go with that. Girl in swimsuit at moon light is beautiful, not to mention sex that follows, as long as you are alone that is.
And frankly I need to see some pics of that type of "monsters" maybe they are more human than the rest of the flock which just scares the shit of me.
I rather take girl with fangs and wings than something that can do some strange shit to me. At least I either die sucked out of blood, sucked out soul, or just ripped apart if she's strong. Still better than being sucked dry by a spider in some web ^^.
Vampire variant usually have her own castle so you will be alone indeed, if lucky, you can get a Vampire variant that own a castle near sea shore, although it's pretty annoying for your wife, since nothing except her husband milk (that boost their sun resistant magic aura once fully 'charged') or her castle shadow can protect her from sunlight harm

well, in case you get a spider type, choose Jourogumo, they're very gentle and wont try to eat you alive like 'Black Widow' or hump you relentlessly like Ushi-Oni
Just remember to chain her down/or put her in a sturdy cage at sunset, stuff your ear, and stay away from her if you don't wanna have sex, or this 'Seduction Master' will lure your lust by their horny whisper and expression and rape you (if not chained) till sunrise.
The benefit?, she can mend any clothes from her webs, just show the sample once, and she'll be able to replicate it to produce highest pricing garments
Originally Posted by Chelydra View Post
Been looking too No luck so far.
same here
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