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Originally Posted by Skane View Post
Oooo, isn't that a little harsh? I mean, Yamamoto-san wasn't doing a bad job. Lucky Star was probably his best chance to learn how to be a Director, as the stakes are comparatively low compared to KyoAni's other works.

Did they give a detailed explanation as to why they are replacing him? Or are they going to save his face and keep mum about it?

They said they felt he had "Reached His Limits" and that is about it. It's your usual corporate speak for "Your Fired and We're not telling you why". Why they need to humiliate the guy by posting it on the web, however I don't know. Like I said, the company could use a little tact when making public ads and announcements.

The way you should do it is with a public appearance and a statement to the degree that "The Company and Mr. Yamamoto have mutually agreed that Mr. Yamamoto is in need of relief from his hard work and effort as a valuable member of this company. As such he will be stepping down from the position of director to spend time with his family" *Handshake, Smile for the camera, maybe wave a little, thank each other, and then go inside*
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