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Wait wait wait wait...

Just to get this straight, it's Yamamoto Yutaka we're talking about right? Because...

Yamada Hiroshi (from Kinny) - credited over @ ANN for mostly OP/ED and music related stuff that's not even related to any KyoAni stuff. I had to look him up because he didn't sound familiar at all, and considering his relation to KyoAni is nil, I don't think it's him.

Yamamoto Hiroshi (credited as director by ANN for Lucky Star) - This is the series director of the almighty Suzumiya Haruhi. I almost choked when I thought it was him being canned/demoted, (mainly because Haruhi as a series was just teh win) because well, what a loss for KyoAni if they ever did that.

Yamamoto Yutaka (from AFK translation) - Only credited for Munto, which proves he's still a green horn. Sounds the most logical, considering my trust in AFK and the fact that he's still a 'newb'. XD

EDIT: Hmm, new director from the same guy who did Fumoffu. Now this has got to be interesting, because Fumoffu was riot when it came to laughter.

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