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Finally got around seeing the first episode. Here are my impressions:

-Pretty good animation, but there also scenes where GONZO is just being straight out lazy. Ex. The scene where Tsukune runs down the stairs.

-Too much panties shots. I don't even remember the first chapter having this many(and being this distractive), but I might have to look back and check.

-Like what a user said above, the flow of the episode felt kind of inconsistent. I think they might have straight out rushed it. This is another thing that I would like to go back and check.

-BGM....hmmmm I think it's actually pretty good? What do you guys think?

-No preview...what the heck and I already got enough of Moka's panties shots. Enough is enough -_-

But overall impression is so far so good
omg Ku-chan!
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