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Originally Posted by Darknemo2000 View Post
You have to take the Horo's age into account - remember that she was surprised that church was so powerful? Meaning she never was in society where church played big role before.

Which means that when she could have taken option of the church it would have been useless since probably only a very few monastery's (the prime sources of writing) where available by the last time she was in contact with the Church (besides they would not teach her, as she was woman and Church up till around 800 years counted woman as being without a soul, until the Pope released bulle that woman could actually posses a soul, but is still unequal being to a man). So from that time when she remembers Church only very few of clergymen could read.

'Travel gathering information little-by-little' doesn't work either since the majority of people are not able to read or write either and those who can you will not meet on streets or common places.
Adding on a little bit to that, if the church even saw Horo's ears. I think they would easily consider her some kind of demon/pagan worshipper. The Church back then was pretty much shot after the National Assembly and the San riots.
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