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I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by typhonsentra View Post
I still have a hard time believing the Pyrite's value could climb so much before anyone pointed out it's a total scam.
People are less superstitious now than they were in the middle ages. And yet we still buy lucky charms. Astrologers haven't all starved. And so on. It's not sold as gold, but as "magic stones". We actually still do that with quartz, I think. If people really believed all those rocks were gold, they'd burn the witch and take it all from her. If it was gold, it'd be a real goddamn fortune.

Lawrence isn't the only decent merchant in town you know.
Well, we have two examples of good merchants react to the pyrite:
- Lawrence: how can I get in on the action?
- Amati: hey, I can use it to impress Horo with my money!
Why would other "decent merchants" react differently? What would they have to gain by denouncing it as a scam? They'd just look silly.

At minimum I was surprised Horo couldn't tell that it wasn't gold seeing as how she was such an expert on metals in the first arc.
She wasn't a expert. She was just able to use her superior senses to tell the difference in metal content between two coins. And she didn't mistake it for gold - she took it for a pretty trinket, which it is. Her only real mistake was believing it to be manmade, which is understandable.

I'll also point out that gold is a relatively useless yellow rock. It's only valuable because we say so.
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