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Originally Posted by Darknemo2000 View Post
Thats because Adam and Eve. Eve came from Adam's part of the body, but did not share his soul (as it was just an organ, rib if to be exact). This was long discussed though, but not on behalf of all women but more because of virgin Mary status - she was a soulless being - a woman - after all. Then they went it as an explanation of the miracle - just like she was pregnant as a virgin, they decided upon the heavily bless from abpve to give her a soul as well.

But again she was special while all other women were not and teaching them something as sacred as writting or reading was caunted to be blasphemy. It's like trying to teach a dog to read a bibble.

'Woman should not be writing/reading' - rule was lasting pretty long actually, even way after they decided that they do have souls after all.

Okay, thanks for the explanation. I don't know a whole lot about theology so stuff like this usually leaves me scratching my head.

I left you some rep points for such a good answer

Horo didn't seem to care what the die was made out of. She just thought it was cool. She was impressed that the fortune teller was accurate.

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