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Originally Posted by GDB View Post
Last I checked, the people don't decide:

1) Who runs
2) Who each party chooses as its representative
3) Who gets to vote at the national conventions for who gets to be the representative

The most they can do in the process is vote in the straw polls, which can mean nothing due to fraud (happened in at least two instances during this election year if I recall) or mean nothing due to who the 1% is willing to pour money into.

Like it or not, you need money for elections. A lot of money. And there's no way anyone can compete against the 1% without being the 1%, in which case it's not "the people" who are deciding things anyway!
What about primaries? Register with the Democrats (or Republicans if they take your fancy) and vote to determine who the nominee will be. If you vote in the primary, you determine all 3 things.
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