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Originally Posted by DonQuigleone View Post
What about primaries? Register with the Democrats (or Republicans if they take your fancy) and vote to determine who the nominee will be. If you vote in the primary, you determine all 3 things.
No, you cannot decide who will run. Those who will run are on the ballet. Those who aren't, won't be. Even if you attempt a write-in campaign, you won't succeed. You might win one state, but what will that accomplish? Nothing.

Pretty sure no one openly campaigns as a "delegate" for national conventions these days. You pretty much get in by being picked, which is why they're often the likes of Jets Owner Woody Johnson.

The people don't choose who those people choose, either. You can hope they vote the way you want, but they don't have to.

And even then, primaries mean jack squat if you aren't one of the first four or five states to hold their primaries. By the time 90% of them come around, most candidates have dropped out, or they don't even make it on to the ballet.
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