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Nyahahaha nosebleed Wakaba I'm just speculating, but... it could possibly be more than likely logical that some artist out there would sort of make a doujin out of that scene in episode 02, where Wakaba princess carries Momo to the infirmary but instead of talking about Akane they..... do something else

If Wakaba ever has a character shift and constantly goes after Momo, I would like to see the look on her father's face. "My warrior daughter... what has become of her?"
Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
Mood shift... don't know about you folks, but one thing that came to mind was Dog Days season 1. Now that... that is a mood shift Basically, it went from "nobody dies in battle!" to "Oh shhh I'm bleeding!" and then suddenly, nopan concert

So.... you know what would be a mood shift in this series? Don't blame me if it happens, but if there's no more butts after episode 05, that would be more than just a mood shift, that would be a travesty!

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
The drama in episode 2 was about Aoi actively rejecting the docking due to being afraid that Akane would find out about her lie with the tomato. Once they got past that, the docking went swimmingly. On the other hand, Wakaba has no qualms of similar sort with Akane, and thus they went off without a hitch.
I don't know.... it would have been funny if they tried to dock, and then couldn't, and then Akane goes "why won't you dock with me?" and then Wakaba goes "Yesterday morning... you beat me! I could never have lost! I challenge you, right here and now!" and then poor Aoi has to fight the spiky worm all by her lonesome while Wakaba and Akane vividly duke it out
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