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actually I want to wait until subbed version out.... but somehow I can't resist the temptation
so I watch it...

omg... I don't know Japanese but I must give this episode 10/10 (wait! someone gives 1/10 score??!!!)

so what I get are :

1. Flame Haze go to Xanadu (but I don't know about Sophie... at the end, she looks like holding a teleconference between real world and Xanadu)

2. Indeed... Wilhelmina has changed a lot... Justus will get a good mother... so Justus is like a combination of Johan and Pheles existence

3. That battle... omg... I almost think Yuji want to bring Yoshida with him (wow! Kristen must be very happy)... I don't really get all of Yuji's plan.. .but I can understand most of them from Deathscyther's explanation (thanks a lot)... conclusion, Yuji plans to be a martyr... blaming all mistakes to himself while trying to take responsibility in watching good relationship between human and tomogara and flame haze
Finally, I can hear 'urusai' trademark again with a huge flame buster from Shana (this is the first time during 3rd season)

4. The kiss.... awwww.... finally Yuji gives up... waiting for 76 episode is totally worth it (24 season I + 24 season II + 4 OVA)

5. in the ending, I feel very sad when they show the picture of Ike-Yukari-Yuji... so Yuji's existence is completely disappeared... Satou and Margery are married, right?

I might write more but I must wait the subbed version

in my opinion this is one of the best happy ending I ever watched... even better than Clannad, Angel Beats, etc
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