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Originally Posted by Proto View Post
And as a supporter of my favorite character, poor, poor, poor Yoshida Kazumi. Left without a chance of saying goodbye to her former love and her best friend.
I was looking at that scene with mixed feelings. I think she was sad, but really happy at the same time.

The last few episode were pretty hard for Yoshida. The person who welcomed her into this world, Khamsin, died while protecting her. Whilhelmina, who she became quite close with, left towards the new world with Justus, the existence that was able to come to be because Kazumi protected him.

Yuji, her love interest, and Shana, her friend and rival in love, departed to Xanadu together without saying their goodbyes. I guess that they had to hurry, since the doorway to Xanadu was closing. The doorway closed as soon as Yuji and Shana went through after all. It must have been hard on Yoshida to see those two disappear like that.

But in the end there is no reason for her to be sad. She probably won't ever see Yuji and Shana again and her friends (except for Margery, Satou and Eita) have completely forgotten about them, but she'll never forget them. She'll never forget the happy times that she spent with them. She'll always remember that those two have always protected her, her friends, her family, her city and her world with their actions. Although she probably wants to be with those two that she came to love, she knows that they're happy together and that they're still working hard towards the goal to make humans and tomogara coexist.

She's still alive. She still has her family and her friends. On top of that, her best friend Hirai Yukari has been brought back. She's not alone. Knowing Kazumi, she'll work hard for her own goals from now on as well.

Originally Posted by ~Yami~ View Post
(wait! someone gives 1/10 score??!!!)
I guess I can understand why that person did that. 1 out of 10: Painful. It was pretty painful seeing this final episode for me as well.

Originally Posted by ~Yami~ View Post
1. Flame Haze go to Xanadu (but I don't know about Sophie... at the end, she looks like holding a teleconference between real world and Xanadu)
I think Sophie and the flame haze she was talking to have stayed behind in this world. They weren't on Tendōkyū with Rebecca. I think the only ones who have gone to Xanadu are the tomogara who were in Misaki City, Hyakki Yakou, the 3 gods of the motherland, the flame haze on Tendōkyū, Wilhelmina, Justus, Shana and Yuji.

I don't think that there's any direct connection between this world and Xanadu either, just like there's no direct connection between this world and Guze.

Originally Posted by ~Yami~ View Post
Finally, I can hear 'urusai' trademark again with a huge flame buster from Shana (this is the first time during 3rd season)
I completely forgot about this in my post. I loved that part as well. You can't end Shakugan no SHANA without her trademark 'Urusai, urusai, urusai!' in the final episode.

It wasn't the first time this season though. She said it in episode 4 as well.

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