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Indeed... Yoshida needs more love...
but she is someone who can move forward and facing future... she's not weak!
too bad that Yuji and Shana never manage to say a proper 'goodbye' to her (unlike Johan and Pheles)

well... it's better if all of Flame Haze go to Xanadu. I don't see any reason for them to stay in earth again... (except Margery)

Originally Posted by Deathscyther View Post
It wasn't the first time this season though. She said it in episode 4 as well.
eh??!! really??? gotta re-watch that... lol

Originally Posted by AP24 View Post
Zero no Tsukaima just ended and it made me feel like watching the last episode of Shana again. Well it's because both series:

Spoiler for ZnT F ep12:

But Shana's ending was better and more memorable. I'm gonna miss both series.
I wonder if JC Staff will complete Hidan no Aria (assuming there will be more seasons) since it belongs in the same group as Shana, Zero no Tsukaima and Toradora.
I don't think it's proper to talk about other series here....
but so far, J.C. staff only does a very good work in Shakugan no Shana and Toradora... when I first watch Hidan no Aria or ZnT.. I don't get the same feeling like when I first watch SnS and ToraDora... I don't know what is lacking but J.C. staff best work for me is Shakugan no Shana... that's all
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