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Originally Posted by ~Yami~ View Post
well... it's better if all of Flame Haze go to Xanadu. I don't see any reason for them to stay in earth again... (except Margery)
Only the tomogara that were in Misaki City were able to go to Xanadu. This was the only doorway to that world. I'm 100% sure that this weren't all the tomogara in the world. I'm sure that there are tomogara who didn't want to go to the new world or who simply couldn't make it to Misaki City on time. Not every tomogara was part of Bal Masque after all.

And what about the new tomogara that will come from Guze? I don't think that new tomogara will stop coming from Guze, just because there's a new world now. The tomogara in Guze probably don't even know about our world and Xanadu. They probably just end up somewhere in our world (and maybe now Xanadu too) after exiting Guze. That's something that still kind of bugs me to be honest. We don't know much about guze. Just how did tomogara live there? How did they cross over to our world? If it's possible between Guze and our world, then maybe someday a way between this world and Xanadu can be found as well.

So there's a good reason for flame haze to stay in this world.

Originally Posted by ~Yami~ View Post
eh??!! really??? gotta re-watch that... lol
I still think that it was her best 'urusai, urusai, urusai' of the whole series.

Originally Posted by virox View Post
Not really, Yuuji closed the doorway himself with the piece of Tartaros that Bel Peol gave him. It was also said in the novel how they "left without saying any goodbyes".
They are not being mean, it's just much more fitting that way, I think. At least I got the feeling that this really was well done when reading the chapter.
I think that the doorway to Xanadu closed because the PoE that made the doorway was used for Yuji's and Spiral Organ's restoration spell. The spell was supposed to use an incredible amount of PoE after all. Justus was also 'created' using the PoE there, so I guess the doorway closed because there was no more PoE left to maintain it.

Yuji got the control key of Tartaros that was placed around the city. It was used as some sort of barrier to make sure people can't get hurt because of the final battle between him, Shana, Margery and Sydonay. I don't think that this control key of Tartaros also has the power to 'close/negate' the doorway to Xanadu. Tartaros can indeed be used in many different ways, but I think that's only the case when you have the whole treasure tool. I don't think that's the case when you only have one control key. It can probably be used for one thing only.

And why would Yuji close the door? He wants as many tomogara as possible to head to the new world after all.

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